Integrate data from any source into your operational data store
Our report development process is simple and tailored around your needs

"Analytics & Insight Solutions for SMEs"Analytics & Insight Solutions for SMEs 

A little word about us

We are a data analytics consulting company consisting of a group of consultants and developers, based out of London (UK) and Delaware (USA)

We provide consultancy and development services in data engineering, insights, and data analytics. Our business model is lean and suits most SMEs, startups, and companies who do not have dedicated analytics or a business intelligence analyst consultant wing.

Data engineering services in USA & Europe Data Engineering

Connect NoSQL, APIs, SQL, Raw files, basically any data source BIG or small and extract valuable information within it. Our data engineers help you bring data together.

Business dashboards and report development services in USA and Europe Data Visualization

Core to the success of data-driven decisions (DDDs) are well-engineered and captivating dashboards and data visualizations. This is exactly what a business intelligence analyst consultant like us brings to the table.

Data analytics and insights services in USA and Europe Analysis & Insights

We are a data enablement consulting company driven by the passion to bring data at the core of decision making. Within days of working with Datablizz, our customers were able to produce impressive and meaningful analytics and insights.

Cloud management services in USA and Europe Cloud Management

Our engineers are hard at work to manage any database system and business intelligence server technology under the sky, so you don't have to.

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Dashboards to empower

Right information in the right hands can do wonders and that's what is at the core of each dashboard we design and develop for our clients. From top executives to the number crunchers, we have got our finger on the pulse

Insights to drive decision

Data is power. It helps move industry and it helps businesses progress. At Datablizz, we are a distinguished business intelligence consulting company working with our clients to unlock the power of information so that they can be a mover and shaker in the industry they belong to

From churn rate to finding out the most valuable customers and from geographical spread to identifying new revenue streams and margins, you can count on us to provide an accurate picture of your business

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