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We've changed the way how people work and where they work from. We're creating a Success from Anywhere culture that encourages people to produce their best work from home, the office, or anywhere else.

Join us on this epic journey of dicvovery, learning and empowerment. Just being honest – we really are well ahead of the competition when it comes to unlocking the power within data and creating the most useful insight solutions. If this is where you excel as well, viola, we have already found some common ground.

Analytics are today’s term du jour and at Datablizz, we are reinventing the way businesses consume data.

Current Openings

Are you an expert in Data Analytics, Machine Learning or equivalent degree holder?
Are you a self-motivated self-starter searching for commercial Data Science experience? If that's the case, keep reading.
This is a great opportunity to start your career with a leading Data Analytics technology company. You'll help provide an overview of data analytics pipelines and backlogs, identifying active, in-development, and backlog projects. You'll collaborate with the lead to determine development priorities and create automated workflows to ensure that data for our clients' products and services is updated on a regular basis. In addition, the work entails managing the BI backlog, as well as creating and centralising a reporting repository in Tableau\PowerBI. Working with key business stakeholders to identify additional reports and add them to the backlog is also an option.

Permanent position: Yes
Location: Remote (UK, India)
Salary: Competitive
Schedule: Mondays through Sundays
Working from home: Yes

Main Responsibilities

  • T-SQL, ANSI-SQL, and Python are used to create and maintain data pipelines.
  • Building and monitoring data management reports to verify that all data pipelines are operating as planned and that errors, faults, and opportunities are easily identified.
  • Responsible for ensuring that team members have access to the database systems and tweaking performance as needed.
  • Responsible for developing and authoring SQL reports that will be used in our enterprise business intelligence strategy.
  • For the Data Analytics team, the possibility to take the lead on database projects.
  • Important Requirements

    The following core qualities are required for success in this role:
  • A relevant degree, such as Data Science, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, or Machine Learning, is required.
  • Ability to develop in SQL-like languages
  • T-SQL or ANSI-SQL experience is required.
  • OOP and other programming structures are well-understood.
  • Working knowledge of technologies like PowerBI and Tableau.
  • Some familiarity with cloud computing platforms such as Google, AWS, and Azure.
  • Snowflake, SQL Server, and other cloud-based database solutions are all things to be aware of.
  • Keywords

    Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, SQL, Virtualisation, Visualisation, Reporting, Power BI, BI, Tableau, T-SQL, ANSI-SQL, OOP, Object Orientated Programming, Python, DataOps, DevOps, Data Pipelines, Data Science, SQL, Virtualisation, Visualisation, Reporting, Power BI, BI, Tableau, T-SQL


    As a software engineer you’ll be involved in all aspects of the development and performance of our applications and API. From our python client, integrating into the wider landscape, building tools to optimise internal performance through to improving and maintaining the infrastructure that handles the API requests. You will guide the direction of Datablizz API to meet the client requirements.

    Permanent position: Yes
    Location: Remote (UK, India)
    Salary: Competitive
    Schedule: Mondays through Sundays
    Working from home: Yes

    Essential requirements

  • BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science or a related field
  • >3 years of professional software engineering experience
  • Extensive experience programming in Python
  • Strong hands on experience in JavaScript
  • Excellent knowledged of HTML, CSS and web UX
  • Strong experience of writing SQL and data manipulation
  • Experience with designing high-performing, reliable, and scalable backend systems. We are looking for engineers that can own a feature from start to finish
  • Experience working with technologies i.e. Flask, Javascript, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.
  • Not essential but nice to have
  • Experience with products in the cloud infrastructure and MLOps landscape;
  • Experience with PyTorch, Tensorflow and other deep learning and classical ML frameworks;
  • Experience with building large scale data pipelines (Kafka, Spark, Hadoop, Airflow, etc.);
  • Experience contributing to open source projects and/or related communities; and
  • Experience with software security and data sensitive applications.


  • Competitive salary
  • Huge impact, as an early-stage startup your daily work will have a direct impact in the company's success
  • Flexible work-hours
  • Apply

    We are looking for a talented SEO Specialist to join our growing. This is a critical function that involves assessing many aspects of search engine performance as well as planning and implementing our SEO strategy.

    Permanent position: Yes
    Location: Remote (UK, India)
    Salary: Competitive
    Schedule: Mondays through Sundays
    Working from home: Yes

    Key Responsibilities

  • Create SEO plans, roadmaps, and recommendations for our products
  • Create geo-targeted SEO advice to assist clients in gaining local and/or international search presence
  • Create a variety of technical audits and analyses, including but not limited to: site speed audits, canonicalisation and redirect audits, indexation audits, search engine compatibility audits, site migration audits, redirect plan development, XML sitemap audits and creations, meta content audits, backlink profile analyses, SEO keyword and PLP analyses, SEO ranking and traffic analyses
  • Create, analyse, and publish actionable SEO performance reports for clients' websites
  • Participate in SEO discovery projects for prospects in order to develop strategies and recommended SEO/SEM activities based on first SEO assessments
  • Collect, aggregate, analyse, and report on SEO channel data
  • Discover areas for development, share insights, and report on the performance of your SEO approach
  • Maintain informed of the most recent changes and advancements in the SEO business, and successfully translate those insights into chances for clients and new SEO initiatives
  • Collaborate with a larger team to share insights that have an influence on the whole online/offline marketing strategy
  • Create know-how content for training materials and to raise the profile of your organisation
  • Required skills and characteristics include

  • Ability to write and speak English effectively
  • Experience with search engine optimization and organic search campaign management
  • Understanding the major algorithm upgrades and their SEO effects
  • Understanding of best practises for search engines and industry trends
  • Changeable tactics and the ability to embrace new techniques as the search space evolves
  • Effective use of a variety of SEO techniques, including but not limited to:

  • 1) The Screaming Frog
  • 2) Google Search Console
  • 3) Majestic SEO Keyword Research Tools - Google Analytics
  • 4) Ahrefs MOZ or SEMRush

  • Working knowledge and experience with data reporting technologies are required
  • Excel advanced understanding, including pivot tables, vlookups, sumifs, and charts
  • Capability to communicate effectively and confidently with clients and coworkers via email, written reports, and presentations
  • Understanding of the nature of the client's business, their business goals, and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Excellent attention to detail and proactive follow-through abilities
  • Team player, self-starter, and analytic
  • Proactive, upbeat mindset with the ability to take the initiative
  • Under pressure, the ability to manage and prioritise one's own workload is required.
  • Ability to work to tight deadlines
  • Excellent time management abilities
  • Excellent commercial awareness
  • Desirable

  • Agency expertise
  • Working with multinational clients and coworkers is a plus
  • Extensive knowledge of web content management platforms such as WordPress,Drupal, and others
  • Understanding of HTML, CSS, Javascript, or other programming languages is required
  • Understanding of web construction strategies, answers, the consumer journey, and conversion optimization
  • Also
    1 year of technical SEO (preferred)
    1 year of SEO auditing (preferred)
    1 year for site migrations (preferred)


    Our Benefits

  • Competitive Salary
  • Remote Working
  • Flexible Hours
  • Employee Assistance Programme
  • Diversity & Wellbeing Support
  • Our Culture

    Global ideals created with input from our global network connect nicely with our desired culture. We have been instilling these ideals, which are rooted on empowerment, as our key cultural motifs. This culture is pervasive across our organisation, from leadership role modelling and communications to rules and procedures. The behaviours that constitute this culture are likewise ingrained in the processes of development, appraisal, and reward. We want to enable our people to be the best they can be, focusing their efforts on developing client relationships, establishing connections, and exercising sound judgement in order to provide great client service.

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