Frequently Asked Questions

Below is the list of questions and queries we have been asked over a few times and thought it would be best to put these here for anyone to get a quick understanding of how our services and solutions are structured and how we can best help you

  • Do you provide consulting and development services in Alteryx?
  • We sure do, Alteryx is one of our favourite tools for building data pipelines
  • Do you provide web development services?
  • We do not directly provide web-development services, however we work with some of the established names to cater for all our client needs
  • What data visualization and dashboarding tools have you used in client projects?
  • To date, we have worked with a veriety of tools, these include Tableau, SQL Server reporting, Looker, Qlik, Power BI, Business Objects, Zoho, Plotly, Google Maps ( :) yes) and our personal favourite D3.js. Let us know if you facncy any of these but we are equally happy to give a go to your tool of choice as well
  • Do you also provide trainings in some of the tools and concepts?
  • Of course we do, we provide trainings and workshops in Tableau, Tableau Server management, writing better SQL, Microsoft Excel and sometimes making good sandwitches
  • Do you do short contracts i.e. a month or a week perhaps?
  • Like all mere mortals, we do need some time to settle in, have a good look at your requirements and study your systems. Rest assured, once we are comfortable, we can provide short contracts of a few days or weeks.
  • I have raw data in many formats and scattered around different systems, some might be still on paper, can you help consolidate?
  • Yes, why not. We can bring everything together and in the best possible format so you can leverage the true power of data.
  • We provide financial consultancy but our client needs services in data analysis and engineering, is that something you can do?
  • Absolutely, we can act on your behalf to provide all our expertise and can also do that completely white branded
  • Can you help us setting up a proof of concept for a client who needs services in data analytics, business intelligence and data engineering?
  • That is what we do, bring it on
  • What is the blended cost of all the flexability I get with you?
  • Absolutely no hidden costs, we will charge a standard market prevailing rate
  • We have got in-house expertise for development but not for managing infrastructure i.e. tableau server, Azure and AWS, how can you help?
  •   For a set monthly fee, we can manage this for you as part of your integral team and provide support round the clock.
  • I am a small business and all my invoices and important financial information is on paper, can you help convert these into a database system?
  • You can depend on us without worrying about added pressure on your finances
  • As a small business, I can't invest into the analytics and business intelligence infrastructure, how can you help?
  • We are completely on board with you and happy to provide options via several hosted platforms for a nominal charge
  • Our e-commerce website collects data using google analytics, can I build state of the art dashboards to help us make decisions
  • Sure you can, we have worked with a number of clients to get user event data from their websites and online stores and created dashboards to help management make their decisions
  • We use Salesforce\Hubspot for all our sales and marketing activities and would like to import data out of it and use it in dashboards, is that possible?
  • This is definitely possible and we have completed projects where we created data pipelines from Salesforce and Hubspot and connected dashboards
  • Do you do probono work?
  • We definitely do work for non-profits and charities at very subsidized rates, in some cases only to cover costs. If you are based in or around London and are looking to sort out your data, analytics or reporting or even looking to digitize paperwork, talk to us
  • I am based in Switzerland\France\Italy\Malta\Canada\Mexico\Colombia\US\UK ..., are you ok to travel?
  • Travel is part of work and we enjoy meeting people, making friends and solving data problems

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