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Datablizz is a Tableau consulting and training firm specializing in Tableau Software. We are certified Tableau consultants who can assist you with implementing business intelligence dashboards and visual analytics with Tableau, removing bottlenecks, and training you on how to use Tableau like a pro. Visual Intelligence is your dependable Tableau partner for more than just outsourcing Tableau dashboard projects. Allow us to demonstrate the potential of data through spectacular Tableau dashboards, illuminating previously buried actionable insights

What Is Tableau?

Tableau is a fast-growing data visualization software used in business intelligence consultancy. It is our tool of choice at Datablizz, providing unparalleled business intelligence insights to SMEs of all kinds. We are a certified tableau consulting company, unmatched by any other. Tableau helps organizations create data that is easy to grasp and can be read by professionals of any skill or level of knowledge. Not only that, but Tableau can also help its non-technical users to create fully custom dashboards. Data analysis is very fast and extremely convenient with Tableau, and it offers data visualizations that are in the form of easy-to-read dashboards.
The main uses of Tableau are:

  • Data Blending
  • Real time analysis
  • Collaboration of data

  • The thing that separates Tableau from other business intelligence tools is its ease of use. As it can be used even by individuals of a lower level of technical knowledge, Tableau has captured the interest of all people among different industries. A tableau consulting company like Datablizz can allow you to fully unleash the potential of Tableau for getting the most out of your business analytics

    Tableau Consulting

    The team of expert tableau consultants at Datablizz can turn raw, hard-to-grasp data into elegant and easy-to-understand data visualizations with Tableau. Using their knowledge, our tableau consultants can help businesses get the most out of their data

    Tableau Development

    Team at Datablizz includes talented tableau experts who are responsible for developing, maintaining, and managing an end to end Business Intelligence system with the use of Tableau software. This makes Datablizz one of the best tableau consulting company to work with.

    Tableau Online

    Datablizz also helps it's clients to use tableau online as their main online reporting tool. This is a fully hosted SaaS (software as a service) offered by Tableau, allowing clients to access/self-service data analytics via cloud through any device, anytime or anywhere.

    Tableau Server

    Tableau Server allow clients to host and manage their business data and reports in a self serving manner. Using a tableau server through a web browser, clients can create and manage new reports and dashboards, and share these securely, within business and with external parties

    Tableau APIs

    The Tableau API (Application Programing Interface) is an extension of the tableau server that lets clients programmatically manage their users, data connections, and other resources. We already have a handful of code libraries and help material available to get you started.

    Tableau Prep

    Tableau prep builder is a data engineering tool that helps building efficient data pipelines. When it comes to data preperation, Datablizz consultants help clients around key aspects of using the Tableau prep to shape, combine and clean data for further analysis in the Tableau

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