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Running a business can be tricky. It can be stressful and challenging. And it can be downright overwhelming. After all, information can come in droves; leaving you stunned, anxious and up-against-the-wall panicked. So you develop this love-hate relationship with information. You need information to make the best decisions for your business, but then again, information can cause the neurons in your brain to go haywire (metaphorically, of course& most of the time).

We help you make the best decisions and help you reach the right conclusions through the intelligent and efficient use of data. Our consultancy services help you strategize based on actual evidence and information. We leave the fluff to marshmallows and the fabrication to the inventors.

Our consultants aren't only experts when it comes to the most informative data visualizations and developing complex algorithms efficient data pipes, they help organizations get a deeper understanding of technology and business. Partnering with SMEs across the United Kingdom, Europe, USA and Middle East as their business intelligence arm, we are with our clients all the way from proof of concept to full scale enterprise level deployment and development. Our clients not only have access to fast tracked BI, our we also help guide businesses towards the right path in order to maximize their ROI in Business Intelligence.

Tableau echo system is everything you need to create powerful analytics

Get the best out of your DATA!


Improve operational efficiency by using Power BI dashboards in real time

Get the best out of your DATA!


Engineering Services

As much as it may sound a cliche, we have to admit that data is the most valueable asset of any organization in the 21st century. Success of every business can now be measured in the way it handles data, use strength of data to dominate competition and provide products centered around its customer. Taming data, however is both an art and science.

Some times, it's the complexity of data and some times it's just the sheer volume or may be both. Storing data and retrieving it for analytics and reporting needs excellent data architecture and engineering skills. This is where Datablizz steps in. Our developers and engineers help organizations build efficient and effective data pipelines. To date, we have succssfully helped a number of clients transfer data from silos, CRMs, file based systems and a variety of databases, to a cenrtal data lake or data warehouse

Build complex Data Pipelines


PySQL integration give you a complete package of new features to add to any data transformation project, such as connections to a variety of SQL\NoSQL data sources, Tableau Server APIs, Salesforce and HubSpot. With the core ability to move large amounts of data at lightenig speed across databases

Data Engineering Services with Python

Development Services

Information is powerful when you know what to do with it. While you may have all the data in the world to get your company to the place and space that you want it to go, you need the proper filtering tools and organization in order to sift through all the mulch and get to the good stuff.

Datablizz offer you a range of systems development services which help you get to the data you want. We are there with you through the whole process from product specification, to functional design, to the building of systems, testing and training. Tell us what you require and we will do our utmost to make things a lot easier for you. After all, we know that there are tons of things you need to do to build and grow your business.

Just being honest, we really are well ahead of the competition when it comes to unlocking the power within different datasets and creating the most useful business dashboards. It doesn't matter whether it be an excel file, CSV, API or database, we pride ourselves in knowing and understanding what it is you need. Our core deveopment services are not only focused on delivering accurate dashboards and reports, but are also concentrated on making sure that the information and data we give you are useful to you.

Story telling with data
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Elegant business dashboards with Datablizz LLC.
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Support Services

Many organisations put their efforts solely into finding competent employees using specialised technologies, completely ignoring the other factors that will have a significant impact on the future quality of their job. A good Business Intelligence professional is no longer merely an expert in SQL or Tableau or Alteryx. For effective Business Intelligence delivery, a wide range of soft skills are also required. To develop a team and business connections built on trust and understanding, it's difficult to locate an experienced specialist with both technical and emotional intelligence. This is a widespread issue that affects many organizations across the globe.

Why not hire someone who is already been trained and perfected the tools you need and that only at a fraction of the cost which are normally paid out to a dedicated resource. At a reasonable monthly fees, we provide a range of servervices which would otherwise need an inhouse personal such as Tableau Server administration or a database server management i.e. MySQL, MSSQL Server, PostgresSQL Server or application hosting on Azure\Apache or Nginx. Talk to our consultants to find out more details, and how we can help you achieve success and at the same time bring the operational costs down.

Tableau Server Administration

We manage the entire process of Tableau server management for organizations. From user to content to backups and restore

AWS Administration

Hastle free, complete management of webapps, storage, analytics, SQL and NoSQL databases and servers

Azure Administration

Reduce time, risk and resource load when you manage Azure applications and servers with us

Web Server Management

Manage your websites and applications on Apache, IIS, NGINX and Flask\Django stacks, with us

Database Server Management

We manage fully a range of DBMS for clients i.e. MSSQL server, PostgresSQL, MySQL and Hadoop clusters

Application Support

Comprehensive QA services for insight products and applications including Tableau, SSRS, Qlik and PowerBI

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