PySQL Data Integration Software

PySQL is our flagship product to facilitate data engineers and programmers who work with complex integration challanges. This is a library which enables to programatically connect to a number of SQL\NoSQL systems and perform data operations such as connecting, copying, moving, querying, in memory analysis and process automation. Consider this as working with SQL server Integration services or Alteryx, but instead of building your solution around the 3rd party integration software, use PySQL in your own applications.

Our Commitment

We at Datablizz are relentless at our commitment to provide the highest quality service and work to our clients. While each tech company would stake claim to being different from everybody else, Datablizz would simply show you how different we are. After all, as the old adage goes, actions speak louder than words.

Just in case you were wondering – no, we’re not those stuffy, corporate types who bombard you with technical lingo that mean absolutely nothing. We hate that. Really, we do. Because we recognize the power of information, we want to make sure that the data we share with you is understandable. We sift through all the technical gibberish so that you are left with valuable information that you can use. After all, that is the point of information, right? Information is meant to be shared, and it is meant to be understood. Only when information is understandable and valuable can it be truly powerful.


We don't consider our clients to be merely those who we provide services to. Our clients are our partners.

Our clients are who we work with every step in the way to ensure that we deliver the best service we can based on the requirements they have. We don't dictate what we think you need, we push for a dynamic relationship wherein you give us input on what you need and we give you information regarding what we can do for you. After all, we at Datablizz believe that for true partnership to occur, coming together is only the beginning; working together and seeing things till the end is what success truly is.

If you're looking into partnering with us, you are more likely to be a:


Small or Medium Enterprises who are looking to bolster their analytics and\or Business Intelligence capacity


Who have not yet developed analytics functions but well recognize the value within their data


Consulting company that does not have a BI arm or looking for a quick proof of concept for their client

Independent Consultant

Independent consultants who needs support with data and analytics to establish MVPs.

Educational Institute

Educational institutions such as academics, schools, colleges or universities


A Non profit body who is looking for volunteers in the space of Analytics\Business Intelligence

Drop us a line and set an appointment with us at your own convenience. We'll go through your requirements, from which we can determine which direction we can take. We promise you, it'll be a fruitful and successful partnership!

Where to Find us

Datablizz is a dynamic, vibrant and young group composed of data professionals from Surrey and London who have knowledge and expertise in virtually every industry and business. We love what we do and we do what we love. It really is as simple as that. And more than anything, while each person who works at Datablizz is an independent individual with varying opinions and skill sets, we love working with each other. Our work relationship and bond is what truly makes a difference. That’s when the magic happens.

And by the way, we also enjoy our very open work culture, table tennis matches, chess competitions, late nights, movies and of course, intelligent work.

If you want to learn more about our company, our people, our work culture, and what we can offer your own organization, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you (especially if you’re a fan of sandwiches)!

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